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Core&Balance Workshop in english


Let’s begin this new decade with a useful and fun workshop!
Hands “down” if you set your new year resolution to become stronger and nailing your first (or maybe a new?) arm balancing pose. Then you should not miss out on this event!
February 8th (Saturday)
14:30-17:00~ (ca 3 hours)
DownDog Yoga Studio Corvin (Pál utca 2)
Sign up via email to or directly to Sabrina or Petra (in person or via Facebook).
EARLY BIRD until 25/01 - 6000 HUF, after 25/01 - 7000 HUF.
Teachers: Sabrina (Hatha Yoga Teacher) and Petra (Vinyasa Yoga Teacher)
What is the main focus of the workshop?
Just like the name reveals, it will be focusing on our core and balance. We will talk about the importance of the core, how to strengthen the core as well as how to improve your practice to achieve your desired balancing pose. We will go through some fun drills you can add to your own practice and then spend plenty of time on different arm balancing poses.
Why Core and Balance?
Core and Balance goes hand in hand! You’ve probably heard the yoga teacher say in class that you should engage your core and tuck your tailbone, and well, that’s because it’s important - and it helps your body to hold the pose correctly.
Layout of the workshop:
Introduction to core and balance
Yoga warm up flow with focus on core and wrists
Demonstration of different arm balances and and progression/ stages to get there
Time slot for you to practice your preferred pose(s) with the teacher’s help
Cool down, relaxation
WHO can join?
The workshop is for anyone who likes to move, explore different techniques and is curious about getting upside down.
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