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Introduction to inversions- workshop in english!

This is a workshop for Introduction to Inversions, held fully in English!
Curious about getting upside-down but need a little extra help, support, tips and tricks? Then this is the workshop for you!
Sabrina (Yoga by Sabrina) & Petra (Petty´s Journey Vinyasa Flow) are holding this workshop where YOU can learn how to get upside down. We will focus on different inversions (headstand, forearm stand, handstand etc), adapting to everyone's level, using props and learning useful tricks.
Date, time and location:
Sep 26th at 14:00 in DownDog Corvin Studio. The workshop will be around 2,5 hours
Price: Early-bird 5500 until September 20th, thereafter 6500 HUF
You can pay in cash to Sabrina at one of her classes at DownDog, or via bank transfer (please ask for it when you sign up). Please note that your registration is only secured once you have paid.
How to register? Register by sending an email to ddworkshop8@gmail.com or dm Sabrina or Petra on Instagram (@yogabysabrina or @pettym).
Please note that there is limited space, so make sure to get your place asap!
Any questions or hesitations, don't be afraid to reach out .
See you there,
Sabrina & Petra
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