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Inversion Workshop In English


Have you always wanted to try inversions, but you feel you never had the time, support or courage to do it in a regular yoga class? Or are you already curious about it, have tried it but still need some extra help or tips how to work on that certain inversion pose?

I totally get you. As a yoga teacher it’s hard to find the time to teach inversions in a regular yoga class, as I want to focus on the flow, not stop and take too long to instruct or help with more complex poses. So, that is what workshops are for!

What are inversions? Inversions are poses where your head is lower than your heart. This includes for example shoulder stands, headstands, forearm stands, handstands. But even DownDog or simply having your legs up the wall when laying down are types of inversions.

What is this workshop about?

This will be a workshop where we learn…

… what are inversions and what it does to your body

… how to warm up for inversions

… tips and tricks how to position your body and engage the right muscles

… how to get into the pose as well as getting out

… how to fall without fear

Last but not least, we will end the workshop with a long relaxation with a gentle massage! (massage is optional of course)

Date, time and location: Nov 9th at 14:30 in DownDog Corvin Studio. The workshop will be around 2,5 hours

Price: Earlybird until October 15th 5500 HUF thereafter 6500 HUF You pay earlybird price to me at one of my classes

Please note that there is limited space, so make sure to get your place asap

How to register? Register by sending an e-mail to or directly to Sabrina before or after her classes

About Sabrina: My name is Sabrina, I am a RYT 200 certified Hatha Yoga Teacher and I teach at DownDog Yoga Studio at Oktogon and Corvin. I am a very cheerful and playful person which can be felt in my classes as well. For this workshop I want all participants to have a good time, hopefully learn something useful and most importantly: have FUN

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