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Rendkívüli házirend / Extraordinary policy

See in English below. ----------------


Kedves Vendégeink!

A rendkívüli időszakra való tekintettel az alábbi szabályok lépnek életbe a stúdiókban, melyek betartásához a segítségeteket szeretnénk kérni.




Dear Guests,

In view of this extraordinary period, from this day the following rules will come into effect in our studios, in respect of which we would like to ask for your help:

Policy in the studios:

Check-in: we would like to keep the recommended distance, so our classes will be held with a reduced headcount. Please, be sure to log in if you would like to join a class; and if you are logged in but can not come, then please log out so that others can join.

Hand wash: wash your hands on arrival or use the prepared/or brought disinfectant fluid. If you can do so, it is advised to bring your own hand towel to wipe your hands, but there paper towel is also available.

Mask: please wear a mask in the locker room because we can not ventilate as much as in the practice room.

Yoga mat: if you have your own yoga mat, please, bring it with you, if not, of course we still provide it. In this case, after classes, please, use the provided disinfectant fluid and disinfect the mat after use.

Health: you can only attend classes if you are healthy. If you are sick or feel weak, or you have a disease in your family at home, please stay home for your own and your peers’ protection. (This time your immune system is also more stressed and you can catch any disease more easily.)

Passes: Passes bought before closing and have not yet expired will, of course, be extended.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

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