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About our prices

For online yoga class prices, please visit here: Online passes

Buy your pass in any of our studios and from there on you can participate in all classes of all DownDog yoga studios, such as: Oktogon, Blaha Lujza square and Hűvösvölgy street. It means that we accept the same pass in all studios.

Permanent promotions

*Your first 4-occasion pass costs 8,000 HUF instead of 12,500 HUF. This pass remains valid for a month (30 days) from the first use.

**Plus one occasion: If you have a valid pass and you renew it, we will add a plus occasion at a discounted price or for free to your 4 or 10-occasion pass respectively, provided that your pass is still valid and you have at least one available occasion on it. (For example: your pass is valid until 20th October and you use the last occasion from it on this date or before this date but decide to buy your new 4-occasion or 10-occasion pass immediately, then you get 5 or 11 occasions on this newly bought pass.) The 4+1-occasion pass costs 14,500 HUF while the 10+1-occasion pass costs 28,000 HUF.

Invite a guest, who has never been to our yoga classes. If he or she buys the first 4-occasion pass, you can purchase your next 4-occasion pass at half price.

Collect stamps! When buying your pass, ask for your loyalty card. Each pass is worth one stamp, so you can buy your eighth 4-occasion monthly pass at half price.

For students: you can get your unlimited monthly, 4-occasion or single pass at reduced price. Only for full-time students proved by valid student card.

Available payment methods:

SZÉP card
all subaccount

Single passesfor one yoga class

  • Single pass:HUF 3300
  • Single pass for students:HUF 2900

Monthly passesfrom morning to evening

  • First 4-occasion pass (* see: permanent promotions):HUF 8000
  • 4-occasion pass:HUF 12500
  • 4+1-occasion pass (** see: permanent promotions):HUF 14500
  • 4-occasion pass for students: HUF 11200
  • 10-occasion pass:HUF 28000 (valid for 2 months)
  • 10+1 occasion pass:HUF 28000 (valid for 2 months)
  • Unlimited monthly pass:HUF 29000
  • Unlimited monthly pass for students: HUF 22500
  • Yoga for teens and kids:HUF 1900
  • Yoga for teens and kids (4 occasion pass):HUF 7000

Passes valid for longerfrom morning to evening

  • Unlimited pass for 3 months:HUF 69500
  • Unlimited pass for 6 months:HUF 135200
  • Unlimited yearly pass:HUF 243600

Private class If you need exclusive attention

  • Private class per occasion:HUF 12000

It is good to know Important information

  • You can pay in cash in all studios!
  • SZÉP card: OTP, MKB, K&H  - all subaccount.
  • Passes can be bought personally in the studios 20 minutes before or after classes. Reception is available only according to the timetables.
  • To open the timetables of the studios, please choose the Timetable menuitem and click on the name of the chosen location.
  • The system does not allow us to expand or suspend the passes, therefore please, pay attention to the expiry date of your pass.
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