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Downdog Hűvösvölgy nyitás:

szeptember 5.


About our prices

For online yoga class prices, please visit here: Online passes

Buy your pass in any of our studios and from there on you can participate in all classes of all DownDog yoga studios, such as: Oktogon, Blaha Lujza square, Pál street, Márvány street, Bartók Béla street, Margit boulevard or even our location in Falk Miksa street. It means that we accept the same pass in all studios.

Permanent promotions

*Your first 4-occasion pass is at half price, i.e. instead of 9,200, it costs only 4,600. This pass remains valid for a month (30 days) from the first use.

**Plus one occasion for free: If you have a valid pass and you renew it, we will add a plus occasion to your 4 or 8-occasion pass, provided that your pass is still valid and you have at least one available occasion on it. (For example: your pass is valid until 20th October and you use the last occasion from it on this date or before this date but decide to buy your new 4-occasion or 8-occasion pass immediately, then you get 5 or 9 occasions on this newly bought pass.)

To all non-reduced price pass we give you a free occasion as a gift to invite your friend or acquaintance. (It means that you can invite somebody to a free yoga class who has never been to any of our studios.)

Invite a guest , who has never been to our yoga classes. If he or she buys the first 4-occasion pass, you can purchase your next 4-occasion pass at half price.

Collect stamps! When buying your pass, ask for your loyalty card. Each pass is worth one stamp, so you can buy your eighth 4 or 8-occasion monthly pass at half price.

For students: you can get your unlimited monthly, 4-occasion or single pass at reduced price. Only for full-time students proved by valid student card.

Available payment methods:

SZÉP card
all subaccount

Single passesfor one yoga class

  • Single pass:HUF 2800
  • Single pass for students:HUF 2300

Monthly passesfrom morning to evening

  • First 4-occasion pass (* see: permanent promotions):HUF 5400
  • 4-occasion pass:HUF 10800
  • 4+1-occasion pass (** see: permanent promotions):HUF 10800
  • 4-occasion pass for students: HUF 8900
  • 8-occasion pass:HUF 19000
  • 8+1-occasion pass (** see: permanent promotions):HUF 19000
  • Unlimited monthly pass:HUF 21500
  • Unlimited monthly pass for students: HUF 17000

Passes valid for longerfrom morning to evening

  • Unlimited pass for 3 months:HUF 44500
  • Unlimited pass for 6 months:HUF 84500
  • Unlimited yearly pass:HUF 130000

Private class If you need exclusive attention

  • Private class per occasion:HUF 9500-12000

It is good to know Important information

  • You can pay in cash in all studios!
  • SZÉP card: OTP, MKB, K&H  - all subaccount.
  • All You Can Move: we accept only XXL package.
  • Passes can be bought personally in the studios 20 minutes before or after classes. Reception is available only according to the timetables.
  • To open the timetables of the studios, please choose the Timetable menuitem and click on the name of the chosen location.
  • The system does not allow us to expand or suspend the passes, therefore please, pay attention to the expiry date of your pass.
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