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For new members

Useful information for new members

Here you can find some information to make things easier for you.

Please, before you call or write us, read the following few lines. Hopefully you’ll find the answers you’re looking for.

Of course, if you still have questions after, feel free to contact us.

If you’re a beginner, which classes are best for you?

In particular we suggest hatha, the stress relief, or hip-opener and spine classes for our beginner guests. Once you build up a little routine in asanas, then we suggest you to try some of the more dynamic styles (ashtanga, flow, vinyasa)

How can i sign up for a class?

After a quick registration (it is super quick)  go to the schedule menu, choose the class you want to visit and click on Signing up (Jelentkezem), that’s it. If you have signed up but can’t come to the class, you can cancel with the Sign off (Lejelentkezem) button.

You can sign up for the afternoon and evening classes usually until the beginning of the class. For the morning day-starter (Napindító) classes until 10pm the previous evening. You will only receive a notification if the class is cancelled. When registering, please provide contact information so we can notify you about any changes. The system will tell you in case the class you’re signing up to is already full.

Why is it important to sign up?

The classes only take place if there are enough people signed up. Rooms have a finite capacity, hence there’s an upper limit as well. The morning classes are usually less busy, so if you don’t sign up, the class might be cancelled because there were not enough people in the system. For the afternoon and evening classes it is important to reserve your spot by signing up otherwise it can happen that you come to the class and there are not enough places.

Why is it important to sign off?

In case of morning classes the system might show enough guests but if you don’t show up and there are no people the instructor comes in vain. In case of the afternoon and evening classes it may be that removing yourself would allow someone else to sign up for that spot in an otherwise fully booked class.

What should I bring?

We recommend you wear loose, comfortable clothes and bring a towel for the more dynamic classes or bring a towel when the weather is warm. You may need a bottle of water as well. Mats and other props are provided by the studio but of course you can bring your own mat. In the changing rooms we have lockers for your valuables.

How to check-in?

Once you have chosen the class successfully signed up, then you can come to the class. Please arrive on time so you have enough time to change and register. This is also when we prepare your membership card, pass or daily ticket. It’s recommended to be there 10-15 minutes before the class starts. We recommend you to do this even if it is not your first time in the studio, as we don’t have full time receptionists in our studios so we can’t let you in if you are late for the class.


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