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General Contractual Terms and Conditions

General Contractual Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as GTC)

  1. 1. Introductory Provisions

The purpose of the present General Contractual Terms and Conditions is to set out the contractual terms and conditions of  Downdog Yoga Association (hereinafter: the "Association") related to signing up, cancelling and participating in yoga classes/events shown in the timetable, furthermore to designate contractual terms and privacy policy in relation with services provided by the yoga centers.

  1. a) Information about the Association
    • Company name: Downdog Yoga Studio Association
    • Registered office: 1074 Budapest, Szövetség utca 9/B. ground floor
    • Tax number: 18650916-2-42
    • Registration number: 01-02-15826
    • President of the Association: Ms. Petra Pelsőczy
    • Bank account number: OTP 11705022-21036046 Downdog Yoga Studio Association

• Provider’s email address: downdogjoga@gmail.com

b. Premises of the Association

c.  Contract and contracting are in Hungarian

2. Conditions for Participation

At the website https://downdogjoga.hu/, the Association sells the opportunity to attend its regular yoga classes and events.

Signing up for yoga classes/events is possible via https://downdogjoga.hu/orarend/ or https://downdogjoga.hu/esemenyek/ after registration.

By using the present website, registering on it and signing up via it or registering your personal application through it, you declare that has read and accepted the terms and conditions, the privacy policy, the rules of cancellation and participation related to the yoga courses and services ensured by the Provider and you agree with all of its points.

Our yoga classes/events are primarily for adults.

Participants are registered based on the date of sending or personally declaring their application. The participation fee is paid in accordance with Section 7.

Application for classes/events:


ii. iii.

In the case of timetable classes for the given session, for other events on the event's datasheet, the applicant clicks on the "Sign up" button.

The application is registered by our system.

The ordered participation can be paid personally in our stores or by bank transfer. Referring to the application, the applicant can obtain further information about the order through any of our contact details.

3. Course of Classes in the Timetable/Events

In the case of classes shown in the timetable, the duration of  instruction corresponds to the time given in the timetable. For events, their duration is specified in the event’s description. There is no permanent reception in our stores, and entering is possible 20 minutes before the scheduled classes and other announced events. It is advisable to show up on site at least 10 minutes before the beginning of the class. In the event of a candidate being late, we do not have the possibility to extend the duration of the course; the person being late of the class can not join the practice.

The Service Provider shall not be liable for any accidents caused by the participant's own fault or the fault of another participant in the course. In all cases, a personal injury record shall be made on site, duly signed by the instructor present and, if necessary, by other persons present at the course.

4. Course of Holding Classes

The Association reserves the exclusive right to determine the course of practice. If the applicant has any previous injury, he/she must inform the instructor in advance at least before the first time attending the class. Candidates can use their own equipment during classes/events, but the Association provides any necessary equipment.

5. Keeping Contact

Keeping contact with signed up members is done via the e-mail address and telephone number given by online registration or personally. The Association is not responsible for the availability of the given telephone number or e-mail address, nor for the operation of the e-mail service. The Service Provider shall not be liable for damages resulting from failure of contacting the applicant for this reason.


6. Membership Fees

The membership fee includes theoretical and practical knowledge provided by a certified yoga instructor. Current attendance fees for classes shown in the timetable are available at https://downdogjoga.hu/arainkrol. Attendance fees for events are specified by the description of the given event. The Association is entitled to unilaterally change the membership fee at any time. Changes to the membership fees are published on the website. Changes are effective from the date of publication on the website.

7. Method of Payment

a. Payment by cash

Membership fees may be paid in cash on site prior to the class or event.

b. Bank transfer

When applying for events, the applicant is entitled to pay the participation fee for the selected event by bank transfer. In the case of a bank transfer, the registration becomes effective when it has been credited to the below indicated bank account of the Service Provider. Accordingly, it is advisable to initiate the transfer the way that the participation fee should be credited on the Provider’s ban account no later than the business day preceding the date of the event.

Bank transfer details:
Name: Downdog Jóga Egyesület

Bank account number: 11705022-21036046

Name of the bank: OTP Bank Nyrt.
Applicants must include their name and the name of the selected event in the transfer notice.

c. Payment by „SZÉP” card (Széchenyi Rest Card) via internet

Pursuant to the contract for this purpose, OTP Bank Nyrt., MKB Bank and K&H Bank provide the acceptance of their cards to the Association.

8. Rules of Participation

The possibility to attend classes shown in the timetable and published events being  subject to these Terms and Conditions is open to anyone with the following restrictions: the yoga instructor present and acting on behalf of the Downdog Yoga Studio Association is entitled to exclude anyone from the practice, in particular those who do not meet the basic hygiene conditions, namely: who denies mandatory body care despite the possibilities ensured by the yoga center; whose state of health and personal hygiene obviously endanger other participants of the course; intentionally or repeatedly violates the mandatory safety rules to be respected in the yoga center and communicated prior to the course; its behavior endangers the physical integrity of the course’s participants, either intentionally or through gross negligence; whose behavior violates the basic ethical rules of social cooperation; those who deliberately hinder or obstruct the procedure of the yoga course. The Service Provider reserves the right to anticipate the refusal of any possible access to sign up for further courses if the participant is excluded from participating in the class/event due to the above. Participants are entitled to use the yoga room and its equipment, as well as the provided accessories properly and solely for the purposes set out in the present Contract and are responsible for any damage that may arise therefrom in connection with their conduct.

9. Right to Change

The Association reserves the right to modify the time or pre-announced theme of the classes/events. The Service Provider notifies the applicants of any cancellation or change in the course by sending a message at least twenty-four (24) hours prior to the course to the e-mail address provided during the application. The participation fee paid for a cancelled course may be used for any course announced at a later date.

10. Cancellation Policy

Participants have the right to cancel their participation at the selected regular classes shown in the timetable one (1) hour, in case of events twenty-four (24) hours before its starting by clicking on the "Sign off” button at the given class/event on the website https://downdogjoga.hu/. Upon cancellation under this clause, the participation fee already paid may be used for any other class/event.

11. Privacy Policy

The Association manages personal data in the context of the present Contract. Regarding the data management the provisions of the Act CXII of 2011 on the Right of Informational Self-Determination and on Freedom of Information are respected. When signing up for classes/events, the Service Provider keeps the personal information in its possession confidential and do not pass it on to third parties. While browsing our pages, technical information (such as log files containing the user's ip address, time, and URL of the page you are visiting) is recorded and is not used for personal identification but for statistical purposes. The system also stores data on the user's computer in the form of so-called cookies. Cookies can not allow to identify the user’s person and stay active during the work session. The use of the online sign-up system requires to allow cookies in your browser, otherwise some functions will be disabled. An invoice is issued for the ordered service, which is stored in the manner and for the period prescribed by the applicable legislation. You are allowed to request in written at any time the modification or cancellation of your data from the system. The email address entered at the time of signing up for the class/event will be automatically added to the Service Provider's newsletter database. The applicant is entitled to request deletion from the newsletter sign-up list at any time.

12. Miscellaneous

1. The Association draws the applicant's attention that the services provided through the present website are availed at their own risk.
2. The Association is entitled to unilaterally amend this GTC at any time. The amendment will become effective upon publishing it on the present website.
3. This website is protected by copyright. Any or all of the content displayed on it may only be used in any form with the prior written consent of the Service Provider.

In matters not regulated by these GTC, the Civil Code. (Act IV of 1959), CVIII of 2001, and the Government Decree Nr. 17/1999 (II.5.) shall be governed.

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