The purpose of this Policy is to set out basic rules necessary for the safe and proper functioning of thestudio, thus to preserve the conditions required for its high-quality operation. In addition, it prescribesbehavioral expectations that serve the undisturbed recreation of all practitioners. The Policy set forthby Downdog Yoga Studio should be respected by all guests visiting the studio and attending classes.Check-in for classes means at the same time the acceptance of the Policy. The Policy of Downdog YogaStudio is available, transparent and freely accessible for all guests and practitioners in the studios.

1. Registration and Responsibility

First time visiting us, you will need to fi ll in a registration form to accept our Policy. This registrationform is also a statement of responsibility in which you have to provide personal information as well.This is only necessary for identifi cation purposes. We store these in hard copy form, they will not bedisclosed to any third parties.By signing this statement, you agree to

• attend the class at your own risk;• you have informed the instructor of any eventual injury or illness;
• keep and follow all instructions carefully during the class;
• participate in a class appropriate to your level, if you get injured during the classthe instructor has no responsibility for it.

2. Visiting the Class

• The studio opens 15-20 minutes before each class.
• Please, arrive on time to have enough time to change and tune in, or if it is your fi rst visit,to make the registration.
• When the class starts, we close the door, so unfortunately, we can not let you in if you are late.
• Please, leave your mobile turned off in the locker room or in the deposit box together withyour other valuables. In the classroom besides yourself, do not bring anything just the key,maybe a towel and a bottle of water.
• If it is possible, do not eat 2-3 hours before the exercise.
• Please, avoid loud conversations in the classroom, preferring to spend a quiet time tuning in.Respect the tranquility of your companions.
• You will not need anything but a comfortable outfi t. Any other device necessary for your practiceis ensured by the studio. Of course, if you have your own yoga mat, feel free to use it.
• Please, use the studio equipment for its intended purpose, and at your own risk.
• You participate in the class at your own risk. Take good care of yourself and listen to thefeedback of your body. Do not compete with yourself or others.


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